Wednesday, March 30, 2011


So you read it right, we are having twins!!! They are fraternal and the baby A is measuring at 6 weeks and two days today we could'nt find the heartbeat on that one yet. And baby B is measuring 6 weeks and 1 day today and after much prodding no thanks to my large ovaries we got to see and hear the heartbeat on that one. So we are very happy and I am just praying now that baby A has a heartbeat by next Thursday. We go back in at 3pm then. Please send some prayers our way that we get our two little angels. Soooooo excited!!!!
Love to all!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

6 weeks on Tuesday

I will be 6 weeks on Tuesday and we are going in for our first ultra-sound at 3pm. I am excited and I hope all is well inside here. I feel pretty crappy today. Allergies are bad, head hurts, tummy is not happy. I dont like eating much, I crave salty and comfort food. I have lost a bit of weight which I need to loose anyway. The first trimester is going to be hard, I am tired and food is tricky. My emotions are always on the surface and work is hard. My co-worker is so bossy and I just want to be left alone. I have tried to do some organizing but I give up. I just feel pooped. Anyway I am off to watch Oprah. Ta Ta!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

4 weeks and one day!

So since I am an IUI patient I had blood work twice this week. My first day was on Tuesday, HCG was 275. This is good. Then we went back into the doc's office today. My HCG is now at 577. Really good!!! I am very excited but I am also getting much more anxious than I thought I ever would. I go back in on the 29th for our 6 week ultra-sound. I just pray now that there is a normal little skittle there or two ;). My DH doesn't agree with me on wanting two skittles, but hey I will take whatever God wants to give us.

I have seven to eight months left of school and I will graduate. I did not do so well on this last class due to two IUI's back to back. So I might, just might scrap by, by the skin of my teeth with a D. But right now I don’t care; I just don’t want to fail. If I fail I have to pay $1000 bucks back which with a baby on the way we cannot afford to pay that, and that puts me at graduating not in November but in December. The skittle or skittles are due around the end of November. So I need to already be done with school. I am not sticking to the actual date which is November 28th. I know they can come early or late.

Anyway I am just praying to God for peace and lots of it. I just feel so anxious with the fact that there is no more fiddle farting around. I actually have to start thinking about names, and re-doing the future nursery. I am also thinking about insurance, cost of the hospital, and cost of just raising a baby. But my husband Jesus, yes his name is Jesus but he is Hispanic so you say it hey sus lol. He says "How do you eat an elephant?" I of course say "How?" He says "One bite at a time." Why in the heck do guys have to say things like that?! Just like it’s no big thang, things are so easy peasy. HA!

Ok I need to calm myself down. I feel sick I ran a fever last night. The highest it went was 100.1 which scared the crapola out of me. So we got Tylenol, I double checked to make sure I was allowed to have it. I took a cold shower, tears and all, than I saw that my temp was still going up and so I put ice packs under my arms and in my groin. Not comfortable when all you want to do is pee. But the Tylenol kicked in and the ice helped. I spoke to one of the nurses at my doc's office and she said as long as your fever stays below 100.5 we are ok. So I went to my regular doc after the blood work today and I was prescribed antibiotics, the safe kind (class b), I have a cold I guess and a UTI. Just lovely isn’t it? I still cannot eat what I want and I suspect things will only get worse. But hey maybe I will lose weight this way? Also I bought these Preggie Pops, they are supposed to help with morning sickness, the Ginger and Lavender ones are so good and they really ease my tummy. But there is a sour raspberry one that nearly made me throw up.They don't help for long but they do. I also bought some tea no caffeine which is helpful too. I got these two things from Babys-r-us. Which is another odd revalation for me, I get to shop at Babys-r-us now!!! That makes me happy. We are finally apart of the baby club! YES!

But it is all worth it for this much prayed for blessed pregnancy that I thought would never be. It’s so odd I wake up every morning and I remember “Hey I’m pregnant”, I am finally pregnant. Will this ever not be so surprising?! I don’t think so. So I was a good little student and I did my homework I still have two more things to do and I am trying to convince myself to do it now, because I know on Monday I will be super tired. I work in a school and we are off for Spring Break so I know going back to work, newly pregnant is going to kick my rump. So anyway I hope all is well for my friends here in cyber world. I am as always praying for each one of you in your journeys. TTYL!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The day has finally come!!!!


Yep you guessed it, or maybe you didn't. So here it is....we are preggos!!! I took two clear blue easy pregnancys tests on Monday and they were both positive. I was so shocked that for a split second I didn't believe that the tests were from me. I know odd thoughts I know. I am still in shock and my DH is as well. I just never thought I would see a positive test.
I went into the doctor's office today for blood work. The nurse said "you are indeed pregnant" I was excited all over again. She said "your HCG levels look good at 275." I said "good now what is next?" She said "you come in on Thursday for more bloodwork, we want your levels to rise 66% and if they do we are doing well." Then in two weeks I go in for an ultra-sound. I am thrilled, I am just praying this little skittle or skittles stick. Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers girls. I will keep ya'll updated.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

2nd IUI done today

Hello peeps,
Just an update on today. We went in for my second IUI and it was much different than the first one. It was of course uncomfortable when she put the speculum in but that is always uncomfortable. But when she put the catheter in it was way different. I did ask her if she knew my cervix was turned and she looked at my chart and said yes it is turned to the left. So I felt pretty nervous and I wasn’t feeling that good that early in the morning so I just believed that the nurse was going to get it right the first time and quickly. And she did! So when she put the catheter in she said ok you are going to feel a cramp. And boy did I. It took me by surprise, it was a huge cramp. The nurse said it is similar to a labor pain. I thought holly molly. So needless to say this did not happen with my first IUI. So this leads me to believe that they didn’t get the catheter in....not sure but I would have remembered a cramp like that last time. All I had was burning. And the only reason you cramp is because your uterus is saying what the heck is that thing (catheter) get it out. So we have to have intercourse today and tomorrow. I am a bit sore so that wasn’t too fun, but I am doing what the nurse says. I have to take it easy for the next two weeks.
The nurse also said so when you get a positive pregnancy test call me and we will do blood work and go from there. I laughed and said I hope we have a positive pregnancy test.
As we walked out I was looking at the huge to floor to ceiling frames they have in the office with baby pictures and I just love seeing the twins and triplets. I actually let myself accept the fact that I am allowed and deserve to have babies too.
Anyway my husband was off today and he and his brother planted flowers and put down mulch in our side beds and front bed, it looks so spring like. It made me so hopeful and happy.
Here comes the 2 WW.
Love yall! TTYL. :)