Friday, August 26, 2011


Hello peeps,
So yesterday I was having a sharp pain on my left side near my ribs. I also was having some weird discharge. So I went to see my doctor. She thinks its Samuel who has no where else to go and he is pushing on my ribs. So that is that, and she did a pap smear and she checked my cervix which is highly uncomfortable btw. She said my cervix has thinned some. So I am on bedrest, or at least just rest. I am not on strict rest but no sex and no craziness. So here I am resting. It is so nice to be able to lie down whenever I want, which is a lot. LOL. Few more days and we are in the 28th week!!! Yeah!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I am feeling highly conflicted right now. The reasoning being is that I am so uncomfortable and tired that I am miserable. Now I know this sounds ungrateful, I am finally pregnant life should be great. Well until you are actually pregnant and with twins I don’t think you should say a word. I am eating my own words now that I am these two things. I was always so envious of anyone pregnant before I got pregnant. This is life baby; pregnancy is not easy by any means.
I just feel bad that when my co-workers ask me how are you feeling I usually feel bad. So I am just going to lie and act like I am feeling fine. Maybe that will trick my body into being good? Just a thought. Well that’s that for today.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

27 weeks!

Hello again bloggy world,
I am now 27 weeks this week. What a mile stone! I still can’t believe I will be hitting my third trimester next week. We are almost done cooking here!
Samuel and Samantha are doing well. They are each at least two pounds and around 14 inches long. They are growing at the same speed so that is good news.
We have lots of movement and lots of uncomfortablness. But I know it just comes with the territory.
I am back at work from being off for two months. And let me tell you it is no joke! My body is so resistant to everything I do its unreal. My back is tight, my tummy even tighter, and my allergies decided to act up. I guess they were jealous they weren’t getting attention. UGH!
Anyway I am getting big! It’s so neat to see my big belly every morning. It just reminds me that our 3 year journey was well worth it. If only I had known that then. LOL!
I do have some friends on my tummy now. I don’t really want to call them friends but they are hanging out with me every day so….stretch marks are here and here to stay! They are super red and long. Just on the front of my tummy. So I am using lotion like crazy to prevent anymore and to prevent them from doing any more damage.
The hubby and I go to the doctor September 8th and we have an ultra-sound September 6th. I will be around 30 weeks then. My doctor wants to put me on bed rest, so she wants to see how I am when we go see her.
I partly wouldn’t mind going on bed rest, just because I am so stinking tired. But then I would get paid disability and get paid very little. But oh well, it’s not my choice so time will tell. I hope everyone is doing well. TTYL!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Hey guys, sorry its been so long!

Hey ladies!

I am so sorry I havent been on here in forever. I wanted to update everyone on our pregnancy and I need some advice.

So we are going into our 6th month. That is a wonderful thing alone. We are having a boy and a girl. Samuel and Samantha. I know, the names are so similar. We tried so hard to choose a different name for the girl but we just love it too much. These two babies are super active,which is great.

BUT.....Samantha is on my right side and she is sideways I think and tucked under my ribs. Does anyone have adivice other then pushing her down to get her out from under there?

Samuel is a good boy, he kicks me and sometimes hurts me when he shifts but he steers clear from my ribs. Thank God!

My hubby and I have been going in regularly for appointments, and my doctor told me I could end up on bed rest. I get lots of tightening in my lower abdomen which makes it hard to walk, she said they are the ligaments. I have rested with water when I have too many. But now she is concerned they could be contractions and to watch it. If I have more then 6 in one hour and after rest and water they dont go away to call her. So I am keeping an eye on that.

I go back to work on the 16th, I am not super thrilled about it. Especially when all summer its been baby,baby stuff. Oh yeah we had our baby shower it was so great. I will attach some pics.

Thanks ladies, I am now going to see how everyone else is doing on here. Thanks for reading my looooong post. I also will attach my ultra sound pics when I get them tomorrow.

Lots of love!