Sunday, May 13, 2012

Hi guys and Happy Mother's day to all! I am so excited that it is finally a day for me to celebrate. For almost four years I didn't get to have the joy of being a mommy due to my infertility. But this year I was blessed twice with our twins. I thank God every day for them. To the ladies out there struggling, know that you are not alone and God will bless you with your family. I just wanted to post some things I have been using for the twins. And update you on their progress. They are six months old now! What?! I know it's crazy and I still can't believe my eyes as the grow. They are now reaching for their little toes, they can hold onto things very well and are grabbing for things and for each other. I have to keep an eye on them when they do that as to not poke each other's eyes out. They are eating all kinds of different fruits and veggies. And the really cool thing they just started doing is sitting up, they are still a bit wobbly but it's awesome how far they have come from just being newborns. They are also rolling over like crazy which makes for difficult diaper changes. We are back to sleep training and we are only on day three but it is working somewhat. I hate to hear them cry and I want to go and try to soothe them but I have noticed when I do give in and go to them they freak out more. I know that they just need to soothe themselves and mommy makes it worse because I won't pick them up. No more bottles in the middle of the night either which helps with no more diaper changes and no more leaks at 2 am. So we are just chugging along and I am hoping within two weeks they will be sleeping through the night. I must say it's odd to get more sleep then I usually do. My back actually hurts when I get up in the morning from being in bed so long. I do get up when each one first fusses to reassure them unless I hear a cry of pain I let them cry themselves back to sleep. It's more like scream and cry and roll around and then talk to themselves, maybe look at their hands and twirl them around or play with their paci. It's actually pretty cute to hear them cry and yell and then become distracted and begin to coo. Anywho the unfortunate demise of my stay at home mommy job is possibly coming to an end come August and I am struggling with this immensely. I have so many ideas of ways to make money but would it be consistent enough? I just wish my hubby made more money. So as for now I am going to begin studying to become an art teacher. Now ever since I was 17 and I had the privilege to fly to Paris with my art history teacher I have always wanted to be an art teacher. I fell in love with art from then on, but now that I have the twins my priorities are a bit different now obviously. So now I must bite the bullet and remember this is going to benefit us and not hurt us necessarily. I will miss my babies like crazy but at least one day I can take them to Paris and maybe entice a love for art through their eyes as well. Thanks for reading! Katherine