Monday, October 17, 2011

35 weeks!

Hello my fellow


I know its been a while but I am just so stinking tired. We are now 35 weeks along! Samuel is 5lbs 9oz as of two weeks ago and Samantha is 4 lbs 13 ozs. We go in this Thursday for another ultra-sound, so hopefully Samantha has caught up to her brother. I am so uncomfortable and my belly button hurts that I will be shocked if by the time we do the c-section these babies aren't at least 6lbs or more.

The c-section is November 4th at 1230 pm. I am pretty much nervous and ready at the same time. I told my hubby that we only have three weeks left of "just us". That makes me a bit sad. But we are both ready. We have been together ten years and we still have a life time ahead of us.

The nursery is ready, I am still working on a will which creeps me the hell out to be honest but I know we need one. And this week is the hunt for our pediatrician.

I am pretty much not sleeping at all. I think my bed is too soft because I literally want to cry when I turn over due to the heaviness of my ever expanding belly. And then I just have to get up after that pain to pee. UGH! Last night as I sat on my toilet sorry TMI I was bargaining with God and telling him how finished I am. Like he will take my pleas into consideration, fat chance. So tonight much to my dismay I am going to try and fall asleep on my couch.