Friday, May 27, 2011

14 weeks and images!

We have made it to the second trimester!!! We are 14 weeks this week. 15 weeks in a few days. How crazy is that? I still can’t believe we are pregnant and I am typing this.
We had a doctor’s appointment yesterday. The babies’ heartbeats are 143 and 154. My uterus is just below my belly bottom, and she said that was good for having twins. My weight is good and my blood pressure is normal. My thyroid is measuring a little low so she is going to re-test it in two weeks along with my last blood test for my first trimester screenings for neural tube or tubal defects? Not sure how to type it.
I took a pill the doctor prescribed for me for the nausea, this one doesn’t make me sleepy and it is helping some with the nausea so that is good.
Me and my mom and two best friends are going to go look at cribs tomorrow. I am excited!!! I am now wanting to buy stuff, and seeing that there are two babies I better start stocking up now.
TTYL! Love to all! 

These were two weeks ago.

This one is baby A

Baby B.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

13 weeks and one day!

Hello world!!!
We are 13 weeks and one day. So that is a great thing. Starting last week my nausea began subsiding. THANK GOD!!! I feel human again, I really feel like I have crawled out from under a large heavy rock. I can now see the world!
I am able to eat food again. But certain things I am not crazy about. Ham is one of them. I have no clue why but it freaks me out. I usually love spicy food but it doesn’t love me.  I am not happy about that. And I realized today that popcorn makes me burp a lot! I am just learning all kinds of new and fun things about being pregnant.
That is still strange for me to type….I am pregnant. Crazy! I went on the 10th for my first trimester screenings. The ultra-sound was really neat. I hadn’t seen the babies since April and they were not looking like babies yet. They do now! They are really cute; they bounce around like they are little astronauts. The lady doing the ultra-sound took 45 mins, the little babies just didn’t want to be still. Their measurements are normal for no downs syndrome so that is a blessing.
I also did a nasty finger prick on my right ring finger, the nurse then squeezed my finger until I thought it would pop and drops of blood would fall onto a paper with little circles on it. So I think this was for the spina-bifida? Not sure if that is even the correct spelling. If anything is wrong the doctor said she would call us, no call as of yet. So all is well I hope.
The hubby and I go back in Next Thursday. Not sure what we do for this next appt. but at least we might get to see the babies again. I will attempt to attach our recent pics. Hope all is well for everyone and so sorry it took so long.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Not much to say.

Well not much on me other then I am still feeling sick. I went into the doctor’s office last week. One baby was wiggling its legs all over the place. The other one was sitting quietly. They both are happy and healthy it seems.
I am tired and low on energy. I am 11 weeks now. But I do have a complaint. Everyone wants me to my normal self. Well when I try to go out shopping or out to eat I end up sick. So I’d rather stay home and feel better. And then some friends are complaining I don’t call them well I don’t feel like talking. I do txt them. Oh well am I alone in this?