Saturday, June 23, 2012

The twins are almost 8 months old!

So OMG!!! That's what I have to say about the last 7 and a half months with my twins. It has been such a whirl wind. From getting pregnant to having the babies to hormones to depression to now it's been nuts! I feel so much more in control of my emotions now thank goodness, I was a bag of tears for a couple of months after the babies were born. So I am still staying home with the babies as of right now. I am going to take an art teacher certification test soon so that maybe next year or the year after I can find a full time teaching position. But for now I am with the babies and in August I will try my hardest to sub at least 3-4 days a week, unless I find anything else that is long term. The babies are growing like little weeds, they are chunky and just so dang adorable. Samuel is crawling like a little monkey, he is all over the place. So now I have to really my eyes on him. Samantha is getting the hang of crawling, she has taken a few scoots here and there. She used to get her little legs tangled together but not anymore. Samuel can crawl up into my lap and he can pull himself up to his knees to play with toys that are for standing. Baby Samantha is not there yet. But she likes to bang toys and toss them aside when she's done with them. Samuel enjoys Sippy cups whereas Samantha doesn't, she learned to suck out of a straw so that's all she wants to do now. I have pulled out all of the annoying toys that makes loads of noises and they are wearing majority of their clothes in 9 months. I am now starting to weed out things we no longer need, which is so nice due to our already limited space. Ever since the babies were born I have been itching to clean out junk, I am so tired of clutter. So with all my spare time I keep thinking over and over in my mind how I am going to de-clutter this and de-clutter that. But to be honest at 6 or 6:30 when the babies are down all I want to do is eat dinner and crawl into bed. Being a mama is hard work and especially to twins. I have to say I am in love with my two little monsters. They are the light of my world, I wake up every morning joyful that God has given me another day and when I hear those little voices over the baby monitor I whisper a "Thank you God" and I am up, or I beg my husband to get up. One of the two lol. I have so many exciting ideas now that I am a new mama and staying home helps too. I have done so many crafts and art projects in the past 3 months then I have in years. It really pleases my soul to create. Either by creating a project, painting furniture, writing a story for the babies or blogging. It's all art baby! My husband and I can't wait to start sharing things with our babies, we are so excited for their one year birthday that is around the corner, I can't believe that still. And we can't wait to take family trips together. I just never knew such joy was possible when you have a family, they are truly little gifts from God. Well everyone is healthy as a horse thank ya Jesus and we are alive and well. We're loving the socks off each other and staying right with God. Thanks for reading! Katherine and the Clan