Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Appendix out and my baby shower

So it has been a very interesting couple of days. My hubby and I were celebrating our bdays at my moms with friends and family when he started feeling bad this past Saturday. He said his stomach hurt and that he just wanted to rest. So he did and later he came out for cake and presents. We went home and went to bed. But throughout the night he complained of pain on his right side. I knew that it must be his appendix. So the next morning, much to my prodding we went to the hospital where after and ultra-sound we saw it was indeed an inflammed appendix. Many hours later he went into surgery. Needless to say I was very nervous. 45 mins after he went in he was out and very drugged up. I felt so sorry for him. We went home 24 hours later and he is so much better. Just a bit sore but feeling good.
Now in a couple of days we are having my baby shower the baby shower is on my actual bday. Now tell me am I totally selfish if I want people to show up to my baby shower? What does that say about me? I guess it says that I hope I have been a nice enough friend and that people like me.....and of course gifts for twins is nice. Anyway I was looking at our baby registry and there are at least 10-15 items purchased and I just want to see if this means people are showing up. The other good thing is now my hubby is going to the baby shower. He was going to work that day, I didnt want him to be overwhelmed by women and baby stuff so we had decided he wouldnt come till later. But at least his being there will make me feel special.
Anywho the babies have names now.....Samual and Samantha. I know they are so similar and trust me we have tried to figure out other names, but we just love these names. So at least that is figured out. Lots of kicking lately and we are in our 23rd week. I am already uncomfortable, sore back and I go a bit more slowly these days.
I go back to work in three weeks, not excited about it. But it will give me something to do until babies are here and then I will never know what time is again.
I go into the doctor next week then two weeks later we do our glucose test. The hubby and I are going in for an ultra-sound on the 8th. Always excited to see the babies.
So until later TTYL!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

22 weeks and Braxton Hicks and Gender!

We are now in the 22nd week. I have been having loads of Braxton Hicks contractions, so my doctor said I need to hydrate and rest. So I have. I go to the doctor tomorrow for a regular check up. Oh and we are having a boy and a girl!!!
Now we have to figure out names. Here are their pics. Baby A is on the left and this is the girl and baby B is on the right which is the boy.
Hope everyone one is doing well.
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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

21 weeks and my jewelry name..

Hello again my peeps!!
We are 21 weeks this week with our little twinsie poos. And I am having soooo much kicking!!! The hubby felt them kick as well last night. I seemed to only be feeling a baby on the right side of my tummy but last night I began to feel a baby on the left side. I was super uncomfortable last night. I finally put a pillow under my belly, it helps some. It helps to have pillows all around. But who doesn’t like that anyway?
Okie! We go in tomorrow for our gender ultra-sound. We are super excited. Not so excited about it being at 2pm and in downtown Houston, but oh well.
BTW I am going to be uploading some jewelry that I make, I hope by the end of the week. Here is my Etsy name so you can search for me its KatsJewelry2. Please take a look to see if you like anything.
Love to you all!!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Who am I?

Who am I? This is a question that I have been asking myself since I graduated high school. Maybe even before then. In high school I was all about art and becoming an art teacher. I was naïve and ignorant in life but when I went to college it was so freeing. I felt like an adult and I was ready for anything.
Being 18 and a freshman in college felt like there were endless possibilities spread out before me. I trudged along and went to this college for two years. I struggled with math and I then began to feel jaded. I took a summer off and then decided to do a veterinary technician program. I loved it, it was amazing. I love animals and I loved learning about them. I went to work for a vet who truly crushed my dreams of this world. He was always cutting me down and reprimanding me in front of clients. He made fun of me for my dedication. He even told me I shouldn’t have taken time off for my wedding and honeymoon. I gave it a year and I quit. I attempted to work for a cat hospital and I hated it, one week later and I was jobless.
I was only 22 and I felt so lost. I hated that a job was defining who I was; I was still too young to realize that this was ok and I would eventually find where I needed to be. My husband was working in a jail and he really liked the law enforcement world. I was just lost. I was out of a job for three months. My sister got me an interview for an elementary school. I got the job, I started working in P.E. as an aide to the teachers and I have to be honest I again wasn’t in love. Five years later I was still not convinced of what I wanted to do.
I went back to school; it is all online which really works better for me. It’s also one class a month so it’s quicker. I graduate in December. So at least I will have accomplished my degree. So three years ago we decided to try for our baby. As we know this didn’t work out. But we are finally pregnant with twins and I am 20 weeks. It is a true blessing.
My husband and I were driving back from the beach on Thursday where I stupidly got myself so sunburnt that I can’t sleep now. We live in a small town not far from the country. I love the country and so does my hubby. We talked about our life 5 to 10 years from now. We live in a small two bedroom home now. And we both know that with two kids we won’t be able to have them share a room forever. Also we only have one bathroom. Anyway, we want to move before our kids go to kinder. We don’t like the schools around our area. So we dreamed of what it would be like to own a small farm. I can’t believe that I want that life! But what I find is that I fit there, I finally know where I fit. I am going to be a mom and one day living on a farm. We talked about having a red barn, property, animals, making goat’s cheese, milking our cows. I know maybe this sounds crazy to some but I honestly crave this life and we both hope that in ten years maybe we can have it.
I am going to be 28 at the end of the month and I am so looking forward to becoming a mom. Don’t get me wrong it is all new and a little scary but I think God finally led me to where I need to be. It is just odd how sometimes it takes many years to find out who you want to be. I am just trying to accept my new life and I want to be happy with it.

Friday, July 1, 2011

It's been a while....

Hey guys,
Sorry it's been a while but I have been lazy so I have been hiding. We are creeping up on the 20 week mark so we are half way there. I have been feeling flutters here and there. Lots of tightness in my lower tummy and loads of muscles being pulled. My boobs are super tender and I am such a cry baby as well.
Money is tight so that bums me out. We have decided I am going to stay home when the babies are born. My husband is trying to move up in his job so we are praying about that. But until then my mom is going to help us which I hate but I'm thankful for it. It won't last forever so there is always that.
At our last appointment many good things happened. My original doctor is no longer there so I have a new doctor which I love, my c-section is paid off, and we might be having a boy and a girl. The doctor did an ultra-sound, it was so hard to tell but she said it looks to be a boy and a girl. We go in for our actual gender ultra-sound on the 14th. So thats that I hope all is well in your world.