Monday, September 20, 2010

Wishing and hoping and waiting....

Well I know that it is pointless in getting my hopes up. And I know we have all been there. Our period is a day late or two or three...and we are so sure we could be pregnant. But then AF shows up and says ha ha biatch you thought you lost me didnt cha?! Yeah so that is where I am. I am a 27 day cycle kind of girl and I am on day 28 and no sign of AF. My boobs are sooooo sore and have been for a week. And I am super gassy and bloated. But that is always me. I usually get a repreive from gassy and bloated every now and then. Anyway so silly hopeful me took a pregnancy test and duh it was negative. But seriously can I just see a positive once God? I just would love to know what thats like. And then I get a Parents magazine in the mail today. UGH!!!! Ok so anyway, I just needed to vent and now I need to be productive. TTYL!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Money sucks

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So after much prayer the DH and I have given into the fact that we are going to wait on going to the doc. I am not happy about this by any means but we are broke. I have one more year of school and still have to beg for a teaching job after that. My DH is a police officer but he has gone back to school as well. So needless to say we are stretching ourselves. And like my DH and I said if we go the doc again and go through with IUI I could get pregnant with multiples and then what would we do? So God is leading me in the direction of just waiting on getting pregnant, at least by a doctor. So anyway I wont have much to say except about random things. I love seeing how you guys are doing and I keep checking on yalls baby journeys and I still pray for yall too. Until later TTYL!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Insurance coming sooner

Well I have gotten some better news, I get to switch my insurance over sooner rather then later. So maybe I will get to go back to see the doctor again, maybe the end of October. I am super excited but still bummed that I have to go again. We are going to go forward with our first IUI, I am going to do injections if I can. My insurance covers 6 IUI attempts but I dont think it covers injections. So hopefully I can afford these shots. Now for my gripes. Because you know I have to have one. I just found out a lady I used to work with is pregnant. She just got married, and has endo. Yet they got pregnant right away. I just dont get it, we have been married five years this year. And I know this is TMI but when my OPK was positive three days ago DH had school until 9 pm and gets home too late. We tried but we were both so tired, so it was frustrating and pointless. So again we tried the next two days and it was crap again. So I know we are going back to the doctor but I still have this slight glimmer of hope that we will get knocked up on our own. Fat chance. Whatever I am off to watch crap TV.