Monday, February 6, 2012

Three months old!

I cannot believe that the babies are three months old. I honestlty feel like they were just born. They now smile at me and coo back and forth with me. We look right at each other and carry on baby convos! Im in love. We are now trying carrots with rice and they both seem to really like it. Samuel goes to town with his food whereas Samantha isnt all that impressed. But they are sleeping longer. We put them down at 6-6:30 after their bath. They take a bottle and they fall asleep. When they wake up 2-3 hours later we feed them carrots and rice. They then usually sleep 3-4 hours. Success! Needless to say we are really getting to know each other and I am so happy. My most fav time is when my hubby is home and we all get to hang out in bed together. We laugh and smile at the twins and how different they are from just three months ago. God has blessed us and I have to fight back tears of joy when they smile at me or laugh when I tickle their little tummys. God is good!