Monday, January 21, 2013

Some beauty things I am liking and not liking.

Ahoy anyone who is reading this. Here are a few products that I have been trying. The first few things I am going to talk about are from Bath and Body Works from their now discontinued :( Paris line. They are not discontinuing the Paris Amour though at least. I am trying to add pics but I cannot!!! Ugh so first of all my favs are all of the Paris Collection. Paris Amour, Paris nights, Sweet on Paris, and Spring in Paris. I also love the Paris Amour candle, Sweet Macaroon, and Cafe Au lait. LOVE THESE!!! I am so depressed they aren’t carrying these things anymore. And one my most fav gifts of Xmas was the Paris Amor Eau de toilette, OMG it has a beautiful red bow on the lid. I DIE!!!! Also I received as a Xmas gift the Sweet on Paris Eiffel Tower spray and it has glitter in it!!! Loves it. I love the smells of all of these items. If you see them grab them! The candles are amazing and the shower gels lather well and smellllll so good. Your skin feels soft and clean. As with all shower gels it takes forever to rinse out of your loofa thing which is annnnoooying! Next thing, I got a Burts Bees gift set from a friend. Now I love the pomegranate lip balm. It’s a bit pricey so I usually don’t buy it. Anywho the lotion which is called milk and honey body lotion 24 hour moisturization, makes my skin burn, which I must have sensitive skin. The body bar smells so good and lathers well. But as all bar soap other than Caress leaves your skin super dry. Don’t like that. But it has gravely thingys on the surface of the bar I guess to help buff off dead skin. I do like that. And the last Thing was the sugar scrub, love the way it looks and feels. But it leaves everything too greasy. No likey. But I am going to use it up. Not going to use the rest of the lotion on my legs maybe just my hands. I did start using another Bath and Body Works product, it was the Peach Citrus body scrub . I love this stuff! It soaps up a bit like soap and rinses off well. Smellllls delightful too. And I usually am not a fan of peach. Yum! Get this fo sheeze. Another great product for moisturizing your face is St. Ives Timeless skin with Collagen Elastin Facial moisturizer. I have seriously been using this since I was an early teen. My mom still does. It leaves your skin airy and cool. Loves it. I also have started using Curel Ultra healing intensive lotion for extra dry skin lotion for my legs and feet. No scent which I think is best for my skin. And its super nice, bit pricey but worth it and it lasts a while. And lastly I am using a daily moisturizing lotion/ dry skin which is the Target brand it is compared to Aveeno Active Naturals. I use it on my face and my body. No scent again. Oh I did buy three make-up products. I do have some expensive items but these are the cheepos that do the job. I got the e.l.f Wet gloss lash and brow clear mascara for those unruly hairs that want to act crazy. I have decided I need to start darkening my eyebrows a bit so I am going to try wet n wild Dark brown c652 pencil and see how that goes. And lastly I mean it I got the e.l.f Tone correcting powder. I have redness on the apples of my cheeks which I do not enjoy. I have tried the L’Oreal brand but it never seemed to sink into my skin, poo on that. K I am so sorry there are no colorful fancy dancy pics which can make this a bit boring but I told myself I would do these blogs so by George I am. Thanks for reading, Katherine, mommy of twins and lover of all things pretty.

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