Sunday, January 13, 2013

New me...I hope so at least.

So hi anyone who read this bloggy. I wanted to start over and get a whole new blog but I cannot figure out how to do that unless I do a whole new gmail and I just dont feel like it. So I have been thinking well I do a lot of thinking while I chase babies, try to keep up with laundry, clean the kitchen, feed babies, chase babies some more, put the dogs out, and so on and so forth. I have been thinking that I just dont know how to manage my life anymore since I had the twins. I forget to pay bills, I struggle so much to keep up with chores. I am just proud of myself for getting to six oclock that I am ready for bed and I cannot fathom doing anything else. So I made a calender on my Ipad, fancy I know and I am going to print that sucker out and try my hardest to keep up with it. I also want to start meal planning, like for real. I am so sick of not having anything for lunch. We mostly have breakfast and dinner things but nothing really for luncho. I like watching candidmommy on YouTube because she is really teaching me how to feed my kids. HA! Also I want to start doing reviews of body care and make-up. I am no beauty guru I just like these things, and these wont be often. I am also going to talk about books I am reading, what I think about them and if I think they are worth reading. Which I dont have energy to read like I used to but I try. I of course love DIY things, since I want to teach art which I passed my art content test for teaching, Thank God. That sucker left me feeling like I had run a marathon. And I obviously I will sneak in our family life here and there too. Please come and join me, I so enjoy this community as well as YouTube. So here we go.... Katherine

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