Monday, April 16, 2012

I dont want to work!

So the hubby and I have been discussing the fact that we is broke as a joke right now. Now we arent broke in the sense that we need to live under a bridge or anything, but things are a bit tighter then we like. We are paying our bills but like all new parents there isnt much money anymore for fun things. And to me thats ok, but to the hubby it is not ok. He likes to be able to have extra money as all people do. But we have twins people who has money anymore after twins? I mean really. So now we are pushing me in the direction of going back to work. But honestly in my heart I already have my job and its being a mommy and stay at home wifey. And even though its highly stressful some days and I just want to crawl into one of the twins beds and nap with them or run down the block to get away from the screaming, I love my new job. I am still adjusting to mommyhood but I love it. I look at my babies everyday usually when they are sleeping that is when they are most beautiful and peaceful and well just plain out perfect. And I thank God over and over again in my mind. I still cannot believe after three long years for us that God blessed us with these two angels who happen to drive me bonkers some days. Anyway, I turned in my paperwork today for subbing in the district I used to work for and granted I love love love the peeps I used to work with I just love to be home more. Who wouldnt really? So I just keep praying and having such a heavy heart and hoping God will pull through and help us somewhere in our finances and allow me to stay home and keep living this life I love so much. Anywhosers just blabbing my heart out, I always feel better when I do. Thanks for reading and prayers would be great.

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